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International Media & Entertainment Management is een internationale en engelstalige opleiding. Mijn scriptie is daardoor engelstalig.

This research is about the possibilities for Veldkamp Produkties to participate in the concept of green filmmaking within the office as well as within their productions while keeping the same high quality standard and retaining the same budget. The relevance of this research topic is that I was asked to research this by senior producer Silva Munsters and the owner Jeroen Veldkamp. The interest in this topic mostly comes from the personal interest in the environment by owner Jeroen Veldkamp. Going green is not a known topic in the film industry and therefore very relevant to research.

To conduct this I used interviews and case studies as qualitative research methods and a questionnaire as a quantitative research method. Desk research is used in all research questions. The most important results are that going paperless has no value to Veldkamp Produkties. Besides that it also does not matter to clients whether Veldkamp Produkties is environmentally friendly or not. Price, quality, delivery time and creativity are the factors that matter to the clients.

I recommend future researchers to conduct more academic research towards the CO2. carbon equivalent status in the production process. Also more qualitative research can be done towards why people like the idea of being environmentally friendly but do not see it as an important part in the decision making process when looking for an audiovisual supplier? From a media producer’s perspective I recommend Veldkamp Produkties to not implement green filmmaking due to the costs and the low return on investment. They can however become a partner of Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship and gain knowledge on their yearly carbon footprint. They can also become paper-smart by reducing their paper usage. Finally I recommend them to get the crew and the client involved if decided to implement green filmmaking. Both need to understand its importance to make green filmmaking work. Implementing green filmmaking has to come from your personal interest. If reducing costs is your number one priority, green filmmaking is not the right strategy for you.

Many changes together will make a difference but for a company the size of Veldkamp Produkties the difference they can make is so little, it is not worth the investment.

Op de website van Veldkamp Produkties is een blog geschreven over mijn scriptie.

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